Hello lovelies! ♡ Welcome to my blog.

My name is Linda =^ㅅ^=

Where I’ve Been: I’m 25 and currently living in the Bay Area of California. I was raised in a small town where nothing really happened and before I knew it I was finally able to leave.  I left for college with more than just the purpose of building my future – I was building myself as well. Fast forward to September of 2015, I graduated with a bachelors in Health Science. I specified in Community Health/Public Health. I was lucky enough to start my 2016 off by moving out and starting my first “big-girl job” in San Francisco. Even though I have completed one milestone in my life, I still feel unfulfilled. I’m itching to know what else there is out there. This can’t possibly be it. I do plan on going back to school, but for now, I want to take a break and explore my interests before going back. During this time, I want to spend my free time building outfits, beauty, skincare, lifestyle, and DIY content for you all. Feel free to also let me know what you’d like to see!

Who I am: If you have read to here already, I’m sure you’re still hoping to know more about me, but I’m afraid I know little about how to explain myself and my interests. Sometimes I know exactly who I am, and other times I am completely lost. There are several things I am sure of: I am both a creature of habit, and curious wanderer. I find that I’m attracted to the bypassing of people, new places, strange tastes, raw smells, etc. You see, the thing is, my mind is everywhere but directed towards myself – but here, it’s different. In this space, I’m able to stand center stage. I’m able to create without boundaries. I am able to be both the observer and the observed. I’m able to express myself in ways that words cannot. So if you’d like to know more about me, the best thing to do is follow along.

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