Taurean Sanctuary

img_0594Hello lovelies! I know, it’s been quite some time. If you follow me on Instagram, I mentioned how I would be going on a short break (and if you don’t, feel free to! I try to keep you guys pretty updated). Thank you to all who were so understanding. Sometimes you just need a break in order to find inspiration again. Blogging began to feel like I chore, and I just needed to step back for a bit and remember why I started. But I’m back! And I’ve been really excited to put this post together for you. My boyfriend and I went to visit the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco several weekends ago; it was glorious! It was actually difficult for me to select the order of these photos because I didn’t want one to overshadow another. I loved all the photos we took that day so I hope you go through each and every one and enjoy them too!

Just some little notes: adult admissions cost $8, but if you bring your student ID, it’s only $6! It’s SO worth it. Just be aware that it’s a but humid in there. Thankfully, I wore a loose and airy dress, otherwise, if you guys know me – I hate the heat. But if you are prepared, this is a great place to visit! You can even make it a full day and picnic outside of the building. A lot of people were laid out on the lawn. There’s a beautiful bed of flowers outside as well, but what’s inside is what made this visit worth it. My little Taurean self was so happy to be surrounded by greenery and little peaks of sunbeams here and there.  It sort of reminded me of the photos I’ve been seeing recently of bloggers visiting Thailand, and so of course I wanted to go even more after seeing this place. Have you ever been? Anyway, if you’d like to see more green, you’re at the right place; keep scrolling!img_0611img_0615img_0610I mean – can you get more “Taurus Vibes” than this? I think not.img_0605img_0612img_0609img_0614img_0622

img_0620 Just so we are clear, I TOLD HIM NOT TO TOUCH IT. img_0608img_0621img_0606img_0617This top photo is probably my favorite. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how the light is shining through the ceiling, the stained glass window’s reflection on the ground, and how there. is. so. much. GREENERY!!!!img_0607Details – Dress: Forever21 | Sandals + Bag: Urban Outfitters |Necklace: DIY + Etsy

If you made it to the end, I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a wonderful week. ♡


3 thoughts on “Taurean Sanctuary

  1. You seriously rocked this look!! You look so stunning in this dress and had no idea it was from forever 21! I wish I knew sooner so I can copy you and get the same dress ahaha! This location is also so beautiful. Before I complain about my city not having a place like this I will need to research…but I highly doubt there’s anything like this in my city lol

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