Baby Bell Sleeves

Hi lovelies! I know it has probably been a tough week for some, considering the unfortunate event that happened recently. Let’s all tell our loved ones how we feel today and remember to do so more often. Regardless of what has been happening in the news, I hope you’re all doing well – as I always say. I thank you all for stepping away from the cruel reality of the world for just a few minutes and taking the time to read my blog. This simple Spring outfit was taken sometime last week, while my sister was in town. It has definitely become one of my favorites (so far) because I absolutely love the way the photos turned out! The natural lighting was great that day and the shoot was really quick and easy (that’s saying a lot on 5th day hair)! On that day, we went into the city for brunch at one of my favorite places, Blackwood; and then had a super successful shopping day. I couldn’t have imagined a better sisters-day. The bulk of our shopping spree was done at Zara, which I’m super excited about styling those pieces for you all later on! For today, I hope you enjoy this outfit post. 🙂 Blackwood is a yummy Thai fusion, brunch, and dinner place in San Francisco. My favorite thing to get there is the Spicy String bean with red curry paste dish – so delicious and satisfying! My sister got Yellow Curry. ♡

I’ve gotten loads of questions about how I keep my hair ashy so if you would like to see a haircare post, let me know! I was told that the grey would wash out after about 3 weeks, and the last time I dyed it was back in February, but I still see quite a bit of tones in my hair so maybe I’m doing something right. Woot!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before, but, growing up, I never really liked Spring – allergy season. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve grown to appreciate the nice weather. It’s just warm enough to bring out the shorts but the air is still brisk so I can layer or wear sleeves. I love this top because it’s like a statement on it’s own. The little bell sleeves are super Spring appropriate and this one top makes it look like I tried. I didn’t get any shots with my jacket but in case you were wondering, I paired this outfit with my favorite military jacket. They are perfect for Spring because it’s big and baggy (my favorite) but still light enough for the weather!*smiles at ground because my tummy is full and all is happy*Details – Off the shoulder ruffle top: Forever 21 | Mid-waist shorts: Forever 21 | Minimal Diamond and Opal chocker: Lili Claspe | Rings: Etsy | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Misc Accessories: Fitbit Flex2, PuraVida moon bracelet – Use the code: LINDALIEU20 for 20% off your purchase. ♡#Sideeye #Hairflip hehe. Thank you for reading!


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