A Day in Monterey

Hi lovelies! Hope you’re all doing well today. As I said last week, I will be filling you in on my birthday festivities from last week! I had work on my actual birthday, but it’s okay. I felt so much love that day, thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday. My birthday usually just feels like any other day, but for some reason this year it felt extra special. I owe that to all the people I’ve surrounded myself with this year, and some that I haven’t seen but still keep close to my heart. Thanks for another amazing year with you in my life.

Anyway, moving on from the mushy stuff – On my actual birthday I had to work – my choice guys. But I was off the next day so it was fine! My boyfriend actually surprised me at work with beautiful flowers and cupcakes (I guess that’s still a part of the mushy gushy stuff, oops), and when I was finally off, we went to get ice cream at Salt & Straw in San Francisco. Amazing btw, if you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it – try their ‘Roasted Strawberry Tres Leches’ flavor. Feel free to follow me on Instagram to see more of my foodventures! Later that evening we had a really nice dinner at a place called Foreign Cinema. You guys – this is such a great date spot. I loved the atmosphere and dim lighting (although I wasn’t able to get a good photo of my food because of it). They had outdoor seating where they projected movies too! It was definitely more on the pricier side Yelp: $$$), but let’s just say I felt seriously spoiled.

After that day is what this post consists of (Wednesday, 5/3/17). Let me walk you through it down below! img_6177-1

For lunch, we went to Umami Burger (my first time). The lighting was perfect for these photos but even that doesn’t depict how delicious they were! After lunch, we went to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. I had a strong feeling that would be my surprise because we have been meaning to visit the aquarium for so long now, we just haven’t had a reason to until my birthday! When we were almost there, my boyfriend told me to guess, and I was right! He’s usually great with surprises so when I guessed it I was so happy with myself.

My favorite part of the aquarium was the jellyfishes, as you can see, so I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the shots I got from that day!The jellies in this top one look like they’re forming a heart. ♡img_6181Next week I’ll feature the outfit I wore that day! I think it’s the perfect thing for spring. I’ll definitely be living in it and other versions as well all spring and summer. Don’t forget that you can subscribe to my blog with email or your WordPress account to get updates on when a new post goes up! Thank you so much for reading. Hope you all are having an amazing week!


2 thoughts on “A Day in Monterey

  1. This seems so cool! I’m glad you had such a great time and your boyfriend is so sweet to do that surprise for you! I’m just curious, what is in that burger you’re eating? It looks like a giant tempura. And those jellyfish are so pretty and freaking huge! At the aquarium here ours don’t look that big so I feel jipped!

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    • Thank you so much! It was a great day indeed 🙂 I wish I could’ve taken you! And the burger I got is the umami burger at Umami Burger haha. I figured I would get the one that inspired the place. It’s soooo good! The crisp inside is actually the cheese. ❤

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