Practice Kindness

img_5134Hi lovelies, how are you all today? Today I have a bit of a different post. I don’t normally do rants on my blog, but in light of the events that have been occurring across the nation, I think it is important to address one thing: be kind. Be kind to yourself, be kind one another and be kind to those around you. You never know whose day you could be making!

The other day, I had a lovely encounter with a worker at Home cafe (in SF), that I just can’t stop thinking about. Her name was Annie. I’m not sure if she was a supervisor or just a worker there, but she was not a barista at the time. My boyfriend and I went during a very busy hour; we’re talking, ever single table and chair was taken, and we had to get our order to-go. I was pretty disappointment because of course I wanted to take a photo of my latte (kill me for being “that person”#sorrynotsorry). Annie noticed that we were waiting for our drinks and hoping for a table, so she kindly whispered to me that there was a table by us who looked like they were about ready to leave. And the minute they got up, she asked me if I wanted a plate for my toast and to get our lattes in a mug before the barista makes it. The moment we got a table, she wanted to make sure we were comfortable and our food was presentable. Just that simple act of kindness from her made our experience 10x better. It was seriously so nice. Like seriously, people like that exist?! Why can’t everyone be like that. I’m probably being very dramatic, but in that moment, I was so happy. And you bet damn well I wrote a very long and meaningful Yelp review for her LOL. It is encounters like this that have been a reminder to me that it easy it is to be nice. Some of us do it unintentionally, and others could use some practice, but the best part is is it’s a win-win situation.

It is all too easy for us to get caught up in our own busy lives, immersed in our own problems, struggling to carry our own weight; I get it, we’re all human. We often  forget that other people are trying to hold their own weight. But if people would just step back, take deep breaths, and be kind, think of how much more good could be added to the world. I know this comes off as a bit of a”well…duh” moment, but if it is, not enough people are actually doing anything about it. So if there is one you take from this today, it’s this: It costs you literally nothing to be nice to someone (except maybe .01% of energy, but honestly, how hard is that?) On that note I leave you with an inspirational quote:

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.”


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