Smile Brilliant Review + GIVEAWAY

Hi lovelies! Hope you’ve all recovered from the New years festivities by now. One of the things I love about this time of the year is new beginnings. Yes, I know, every day is a new day to begin, but as I’ve mentioned before, I like the thought of structured time allowing us to reflect. To begin this new year, I want to talk about something that I’m super excited to be trying out soon (there will be GIVEAWAY details at the bottom but please keep reading for experience and package details!). A few months back, Smile Brilliant kindly reached out to me with my very own teeth whitening kit. As much as I wanted to try it out myself, I know my sister has been dying to try out a teeth whitening method, so I let her be my guinea pig! If you haven’t heard of Smile Brilliant, they provide personalized teeth whitening kits for both sensitive and non-sensitive teeth. And after seeing her results, I definitely want to try it out for this new year!

Self care is super important to me, and since I’ve found something that works, I want to be able to share it all with you! To those who have that in their New Years Resolution, I think this would be perfect for you to try out. “Life stains: it’s a fact”, and if you have been searching for a teeth whitening method, look no further. Smile Brilliant can help you get back on track with a smile you’re proud of. The Smile Brilliant team is super nice and helpful to work with. They communicate fast and efficiently; and if you have any questions at all, they provide a chat service on their site to assist you.

The kits come in different sizes, depending on your preference. Your first box includes the instructions and materials for creating your personalized trays. They first need your teeth impressions in order to create your trays for the teeth whitening kit. Once you send in your impressions, they send you a second box with your trays and whitening gels.


Depending on your purchase, your kit can come with 27, 18, or 9 whitening gels (the gels come in applicators for you to fill your trays with the whitening agent). Each applicator is capable of 3-5 uses (which is a lot more than I expected! Most whitening strip kits I have tried in the past are pretty pricey for the amount of one-time-use strips you get, so you definitely get your bang for your buck with this kit! The sitting process is roughly 45 minutes to 3 hours, depending on your preference. The kit also comes with desensitizing gel as well, which you do not want to skip. My sister is so happy with the results that she has seen over the past few weeks. I have definitely noticed a difference as well and I seriously cannot wait to try it out for myself!

*Below are some photos of her experience.*

Giveaway Details

– One person will win a $139 credit to the online store (which is good for trays with 3 whitening and 3 desensitizing gels and a majority of the full cost)
– You must be following ME + Smile Brilliant on Instagram AND tag 2 friends in my Smile Brilliant pack photo. I will mention that it is for the giveaway in the caption!
– Giveaway closes TWO WEEKS from today.
– An email will be sent to the email address provided with the $139 coupon.
For 5% off use the code: boohoolindalieu
Good luck! ♡

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