What’s In My Bag

Hi lovelies! How are you all today? I hope 2017 has been treating you well. December was a weird month for me, emotionally (as I’ve mentioned in the past few posts). I just felt lost with where I wanted to be at in my life. But recently I’ve been taking time for myself to collect my thoughts, brainstorm, and plan, and I definitely feel better. I’m also back on Tumblr, and I think that has really helped immerse my brain with inspirational content. I’m able to exercise my creative side more and it has really helped give me new ideas for future posts! I’m so happy to have this feeling back.

On another note, it has been storming on/off in the Bay Area for most of the month; but to be honest, I’m enjoying it. It does make it more difficult to find the motivation to get certain errands done, but I’ve been modifying my To-Do list to accommodate the weather and so far so good. Plus, it’s just so great California is finally getting more water. What is the weather like where you are from?

Anyway, for today, I have a post that my lovely friend Camille (Hi if you’re reading this – I love you) recommended – A What’s In My Bag post! I absolutely love watching these videos on Youtube and looking at flatlays of them on Instagram. Something about seeing what other people carry around with them is so intriguing! I figured it was only appropriate to post one for of my own. My bag changes occasionally (monthly-ish), but the things I have in them stay the same for the most part. If you’d like to see the details, keep reading!Necessities

  • Wallet – This was a Valentines day gift from my boyfriend a few years ago. I’m obsessed with anything mint!
  • iPhone6s
  • Keys


  • Inhaler – because sometimes I want to breathe like a normal human.
  • Pocket knife – you never know when you’ll need to cut something…or someone (I’m kidding it’s for protection…but I’ve only needed to use it for opening boxes thus far).
  • Eyedrops
  • Tylenol cold/flu pill – left from the last time I was sick. But it’s just good to have just in case!


  • Planner from Typo – I’m all about hand written reminders and to-do lists, so a planner is a must! Even if I have important appointments on my phone, I still need to write it in my planner. That way, at least my life looks like it’s in order.


  • This should be self explanatory. A girls gotta have her options, am I right?

What’s in your bag? 🙂


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