Avocado Toast: 4 Ways

Hi lovelies! How are you all today? Sorry todays post went up a little (a lot) later than usual.  This past weekend was super busy for me! If you follow me on Snapchat, you know what exciting thing happened this weekend ;). And I spent Monday in Stockton visiting my sister so I didn’t get to editing until literally this evening. I hope everyone had a great 3-day weekend! And if you didn’t, I hope you get one soon. ♡

For today’s post, I have for you 4 different ways you can have avocado toast! If you know me at all, you’d know I love avocado toast. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner (if I’m too lazy to cook a full meal – which happens often). It’s super quick, filling, and you can never really get bored of how many different ways you can have it! Avocados are also a great source of nutrients. It has loads of vitamins and healthy fats that your body needs and loves. It’s also great for your hair and skin too (always a plus in my book). Honestly, I could eat it plain with a spoon, but for the sake of of this blog, I wanted to show you a few different ways you can have it on toast (by the way, the type of bread I used is black rye bread. It’s basically black, and no I did not burn it). Hope you enjoy!

1.) Top left – “The Classic” – Just mashed up avocado on toast with salt, pepper, and some lemon on black rye bread.

2.) Top right – All of the above, plus, some sliced radishes. The radishes give it a nice crisp kick!

3.) Bottom left – All of #1, plus, a sunny side up egg (my personal favorite). I normally add furikake (rice seasoning) and siracha or hot sauce to this one but I didn’t have any at home. 😦 If you like spicy food, I highly recommend trying this!

4.) Bottom right – All of #1, plus, smoked salmon. This one is one of my favorites too. I usually ditch the salt though because smoked salmon is already pretty salty.

What are some things you like to put on your avocado toast? 🙂


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