IMG_4585.JPGHi lovelies! How was your New Years weekend?! Did you do anything fun or special? Growing up, my family never really celebrated New Years. We never did a count down, or had family parties. I guess it’s because we focused more on celebrating Chinese New Year, which is fine – I love that time of the year. But I remember being in school and having to learn the importance of this time and practicing how to reflect on the year that had just passed. Over the years, that has really stuck with me. The importance of acknowledging  how far you have come, where you are now, and what you would want to accomplish in the next year. Now, I’m not talking about making resolutions you can’t keep, but just generally reflecting on the ups and downs of the year in order to set some reachable goals for the next is important at this time. img_4586For me, 2016 was a year of ups and downs, and it helped me do a lot of growing. I had just finished my bachelors degree (a little before 2016 actually), I moved cities…twice, had to deal with a minor car accident, went to the ER, recovered from an illness, and was drowned in bills to pay. It was the first year I stepped foot into the adult world and did things on my own. The start of 2016 was very discouraged due to all the unfortunate events that continued to unfold before me. But about half way through the year, things started to come together. I met new people, I became more consistent in creating content for my blog, I got to work with a bunch of great brands (including Jord Wood Watches and Coach), and I started going to the gym again. Everything felt okay again.

Now the past couple of weeks has been a different story. All is still in my daily routine, every day it’s eat, sleep, work, gym. I have always been a creature of habit, but something has changed. I have changed. The past few weeks I have come to a realization that the lifestyle I have planted for myself doesn’t give me enough room to express or create (except for my blog). Because of that, my mind has been feeling so restricted and more cramped as each day passes. Even trying to collecting my thoughts for this post was hard. I’ve been sitting here for almost 3 hours trying to find the right words (so sorry if this post is about to turn directions). I find myself falling back into a difficult state of mind that I haven’t been able to get out of.  I think what I need to get me out of this limited mindset is change. So for the year of 2017, I want to focus on putting myself out there more, becoming more adaptable, and taking bigger steps towards the change I crave. As an introvert, being terrified is an understatement. But I know this is what must be done in order to make the most out of my 2017. I’ve bulleted some goals I set for myself based off of 2016. I’m sorry if you guys didn’t gain much out of this post, but I wanted to make it so that when 2018 comes around, I can look back at this. I would also love to hear what goals you have set for yourself too so feel free to let me know. 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!img_4433

– Drink more water (this is in every new years resolution of mine lol)

– Go to the gym 4x a week (I’ve been going 3x recently, and wanted to add one more day!)

– Do more outdoor activities (rock climbing, hiking, etc.)

– Go outside of my comfort zone more often

– Regain self control of my emotions

– Prioritize my mental health

 – Apply for Grad school


2 thoughts on “2017

  1. As a fellow introvert I can only imagine how challenging stepping out of your comfort zone can be! I pushed myself towards the end of 2016 to do more and so far it’s paid off, hopefully I go further this year. Wishing you all the best!!!

    Leah ❤

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