Skinfood: Premium Lettuce Cucumber Watery Toner

Hi lovelies! Hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful Christmas with your family and/or loved ones! I know I said I would get some Christmasy shots in for you over the weekend but the truth is, I didn’t do much other than spend it with family. We didn’t have a tree or anything but we did exchange gift and just simply enjoy each others company. That’s what the holidays should be all about anyway, right? – The good company part that is.

Anyway, this week, I have for you a long overdue review. I told you a while back that Skinfood gave me a box of goodies that I would slowly introduce into my skincare routine. I did a review on their Egg pore foam cleanser a while back, if you’d like to read it *click here*. So today, I have another one of their products to review for you guys. This is their Premium Lettuce Cucumber watery toner. I have been using it a few times a week for a couple of weeks now and it’s quite nice! There’s still so much product left because I only need a few drops – a little goes a long way for this product. To those of you are new to or are not familiar with Korean toners, they focus more on being hydrating and balancing for the skin, instead of being astringent or oil stripping, like American toners. I prefer Korean toners over American toners to be honest, because as an combination skin girl, I like using foam cleansers (which can be a bit oil stripping) and then go in with hydrating products after to balance everything out. I know a lot of people who neglect moisturizing because they think their skin doesn’t need it (not true at all). If there is one thing I have learned from experimenting with skin care products all through high school and till this day, it is that moisturizing is crucial for all skin types. If your skin is parched, it will react by over producing oils. So please do not restrict your skin from moisture. All skin types need it. You just have to find the right balance for your skin type. ~ Anyway, got a little side tracked there ~ This particular toner is great for all skin types because of how beneficial and gentle lettuce and cucumber extract is for the skin. It is refreshing, hydrating, cooling, and also calming for the skin. Those benefits make it a perfect addition to my winter skincare routine without making my skin greasy. I like to use this after I cleanse and before I go in with my essence. This is a great product for all skin types! I will list a breakdown of my thoughts at the bottom for anyone who is interested in trying this product! πŸ™‚Claims: Skin has an optimal level of natural oils that keep it healthy, hydrated, and happy. When skin operates at its optimal moisture level, our complexion is firm and bright. Makeup goes on easy and stays on all day. Lettuce extracts have a naturally high water content, quickly cooling and refreshing sun-stressed skin. Lettuce also has high levels of minerals, as well as and vitamins A and E, which help hydrate, firm, and illuminate skin for a balanced complexion. Cucumber extracts help tone and moisturize skin. They provide soothing repair for sun-damaged skin. Cucumber is packed with vitamin C, which helps restore and stimulate collagen in skin for a firmer, healthier complexion. We use a technique of steam distillation on our cucumbers. Condensation of the steam is collected to create a fragrant cucumber water, without sacrificing the natural plant oils and essence. SKINFOOD’s Premium Lettuce & Cucumber Watery Toner is a water-based toner that cools and hydrates. It’s made up of 5% lettuce extract, 5% cucumber extract, and 20% cucumber water (hydrosol) – Source: Ulta

Consistency: 5/5 – A thick liquidy consistency that is a bit runny but sinks in quickly. Does not leave a residue so it is easy to use other products over it (which I love!). Very similar to an emulsion. (They also have an emulsion form of this)

Effectiveness: 4/5 – I really like how hydrating, soothing and calming this toner is. It is not stripping at all and feels really nice on the skin. My skin feels nice and supple after it is absorbed. I haven’t noticed any signs of fading where I have dark marks or sun spots, nor have I noticed firmness, but I will continue to use it to see if there are any benefits in long term use!

Packaging: 5/5 – Super cute, durable and travel friendly plastic packaging. It’s also hygienic because of the dropper style. (You just shake the bottle and product comes out of the tip)

Overall: 4/5 – I would definitely recommend this to all skin types. I think it will make a great addition to anyone’s skincare routine who is looking to feed their skin extra vitamins and nourishing oils. I will try and keep you posted on the sun damage benefits with long term use!

Note: If you are interested in trying out any Skin Food products but don’t know where to start, the brand is now sold at Ulta! I know there are a few individual Skin Food stores, if you are close to San Jose, there is one in the Valley Fair mall. Otherwise, Ulta probably more common πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed this read! See you next week.


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