Denim + Knits

Hey lovelies! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween! Did any of you dress up or go to any Halloween parties? Sadly, I didn’t do anything to celebrate that this weekend. This past weekend was actually my boyfriend and I’s anniversary, so we had a small weekend getaway in Santa Cruz. It was our first time getting an AirBnB. Sorry I didn’t get any shots of it, but you probably saw it if you have me on Snapchat. If you don’t, feel free to add me @Boohoolindalieu :). And on Saturday, we attended the Harry Potter Symphany in San Jose where they screened the Sorcerer’s Stone. It was our first symphony, and we love Harry Potter so it was a wonderful experience for the both of us.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this outfit post. On this day, we spent the morning in the city and went to Craftsmen and Wolves (CAW). Because I knew we would be doing a lot of walking, I wanted to layer up but also feel comfortable. I paired a thin sweater with a skirt I knew I didn’t have to worry about because of it’s corduroy material, with some high socks, some comfortable boots, and of course, my jean jacket. The weather still isn’t as cold as most Fall seasons yet here in the Bay Area, I’m hoping it gets colder as we go into November so I can continue to bring out the high socks! Can you guys believe it’s already November?!

*Outfit details listed on the bottom*Can we just take a moment to drool over these pastries?! I first came across CAW on Instagram. We didn’t plan on going here at first but it just happened to be on the exact block we were walking on. I bookmarked it on Yelp a while ago and conveniently it was just there in front of us! It was fate. My first impression of the cafe when I walked in was that they had gorgeous wood and black interior. It definitely makes everything stand out and look very clean and modern. They also added little decorations for Halloween, so cute. I ordered their muffin with a soft boiled egg inside and instantly knew I wanted to try it. It’s very delicious! It comes with a little tube of Tabasco salt to add into your egg when you eat it. I highly recommend giving this a try if you are in the area. I will definitely come back and try their Matcha Doodle cookies next time!  Outfit details: Sweater: Urban Outfitters | Denim jacket: ASOS (Mens) | High socks: eBay | Boots: H&M | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Backpack: Forever21 | Necklace: Etsy


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