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Hey lovelies! A little something different for this weeks blog post. Here is what I have been up to lately. Don’t forget to follow my instagram to stay posted!

1. (Starting from the top left → right) A throwback to last month’s Yosemite trip. Ever since I received my hiking shoes, I’ve been trying to find more hiking trails to go on with my boyfriend. We usually go on Sundays. It’s a great way to get your steps in as well as try to soak in the most of the out doors before it gets cold again. Goodbye Summer! Hello Fall! I do love how nice it gets in the summer here in the Bay Area, but as many of you know, I’m so ready for Fall!

2. Finally got to try the Pop Bar that opened up in San Jose. It was super yummy! Great for if you like toppings with your ice cream. They have a variety of sorbet, gelato, and yogurt pops and your choice of chocolate syrups, nuts, and coconut flakes as toppings! I was slightly disappointed they didn’t have cereal toppings, but still a fun experience.

3 – 4. My new favorite boba place in the Bay Area is Boba Guys! I’m so happy I found them. Their drinks actually taste authentic, unlike most other boba places who use powders and artificial syrups to flavor and sweeten their drinks. With that being said, their taro is actually not bright purple like other places, and let me capitalize on the flavor: it tastes so real!!! If you don’t like sweet or milky teas, there’s a variety of other brewed teas too. If there is one near you, you have to try it!

5. Another throwback from when my boyfriend and I visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA). There was about 7 floors and all were very interesting to look at. I think my favorite floors were 5 – 7. There was more abstract, environmental and media art pieces there. It’s worth a look if you’re (again) in the Bay Area. What museums have you been to? Or what museums do you want to visit? Let me know! My boyfriend and I love exploring different ones.

6. Lastly, my most recent obsession: My new hair! I just dyed it about a week ago. I went for a creamy brown with ashy tones. This is exactly the color I had hoped to be. My first session was with someone else and I have to be honest, I wasn’t really happy with the color. I also felt like the balayage wasn’t very gradual as it grew out. I don’t want to list the name of the salon but if you would like to know you can email me personally. Anyway, I knew I wanted to go somewhere different for my second session. I was so happy when I found Thuy on instagram. According to her, we mixed some browns and violet to create this color. If you are close to San Jose, I would highly recommend her! She’s lovely and really takes her time listening to what your hair needs are. She also introduced me to the Fanola: No Yellow shampoo which is literally the most pigmented purple shampoo I have ever used. It even dyed my hands temporarily (so I recommend using gloves). The instructions state to use int the shower and leave on for about 5 minutes but Thuy instructed me to leave it on for 2 hours on dry hair. The results were great the first time. I’m still creamy brown with some ashy grey baby lights. I’m definitely going to continue using it. If you have ashy or blonde hair, definitely give it a go! I purchased mine on Salon guys, you can use the code: fanola10 for 10% off your purchase (not sponsored, just sharing what I found out through my hair stylist!), and they have pretty quick shipping too.

Thank you so much for reading. If you like these little filler posts. Please let me know so I can make more in the future! I’m going to spend some time this weekend brainstorming Fall blog posts so definitely let me know if there’s anything specific you would like to see. Hope you have a great rest of your week!


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