How To Reset Your Sleeping Schedule

img_3115Hi lovelies! Wow…summer has flown by so quick! Fall will be here in no time, and I am seriously so happy about that. Although, that does mean one thing,Β  I’m sorry to mention – back to school. Some of you may have already started. Are you tired of it yet? Same. If you were anything like me [when I was in college], you’re probably wondering what you were thinking when you listened to that ever so encouraging voice inside your head telling you to sign up for that 8 or 9 AM class back in Spring semester/quarter. Unless you are a morning person, you’re probably starting your day with the *instant regret* feels. So for those of you who are going back to school and having a hard time waking up, I’ve put together some tips on how to get your sleep schedule back on track! I hope you find this helpful πŸ™‚ Even if you’re not in school, if you’ve just come back from a summer vacation, or would like to become a morning person, please continue reading! IMG_5921

– Set an alarm for bedtime – First, find out how many hours you need a night in order to function – everyone is different. I need at least 7, 8 would be best (I’m such a princess, I know). Then, set an alarm for 1 hour before your ideal time of sleep. That way you have an hour to unwind and get all of your before-bedtime rituals done and by the time you’re actually in bed, you’ll be able to catch your full amount of sleep.

– Listen to soothing music – the type of music you listen to before bed actually does effects your sleep and quality of sleep. Try listening to soothing instrumentals. My personal favorite is listening to rain. I used to use the Nature Soundscapes app to sleep when I used to live in San Jose (there wasn’t much rain there last year and I love sleeping to rain in the fall and winter). This app provides a variety of other soothing sounds (not just rain), so you can make your pick, and set it to turn off automatically too.

– Turn off all electronics – This is a bit contradicting to tip #2, but I mean all except your soothing bedtime music. Get off Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, whatever your app may be, and just evaluate your day. Did you get everything you wanted to get done? What are you going to wear tomorrow? What will you need to do tomorrow? Etc. You’ll find that these things will put you to sleep much faster than the bright light coming from a little screen. Electronics, whether it be your phone or the TV, will only leave you wanting more.

IMG_4694– Aroma therapy – specifically lavender. This is also a bonus for those of you who have asthma or allergies. I highly recommend purchasing a diffuser and some essential oils to assist you in an easier sleep. Now, some of you may be wondering what is a diffuser…it’s like a humidifier, except you can use essential oils with it! Humidifiers are great because they gently mist water into the air and help you breathe better, but with the addition of essential oils from a diffuser, it can further purify the air. For a further look into essential oil remedies, there’s specific essential oils that target certain things in the body. I used eucalyptus oil for my asthma, but you can find many other uses for oils as well, such as tea tree oil for allergies, lavender and peppermint for anxiety, and orange oil for an uplifting feel. Back to the diffuser – I purchased this diffuser on Amazon. I love that the light changes color too! There’s also a mist setting that allows you to set it to mist every 30 seconds, or non-stop. For those of you who just need a better night sleep, lavender should do the trick. It’s also helpful with relieving stress and anxiety as well.

– Try not to shower at night – believe it or not, showering at night disrupts your body’s internal clock. If you must shower at night, try showering 2 hours before bedtime to give it a fair amount of time to calm before sleep. This was difficult for me to adjust to, and honestly, I still shower right before bed if I’m in a pinch, but I try not to!

– Bedtime tea – specifically chamomile.Β  Although there isn’t much scientific evidence that tea actually makes you sleep better, people do seem to be fond of how it helps them unwind and relax. Having that said, if you put two and two together, it seems to work efficiently. Herbal tea seems to be the best option because it is caffeine free and comes from a variety of plants rather than the tea plant itself. There are plenty of different flavors of bedtime tea out there on the market, one reoccurring one is chamomile. Chamomile is a wonderful plant that is used in many different remedies. It is best known for soothing inflammation.

img_3114– Make breakfast exciting! As silly as it may sound, this helps me a lot. Being able to look forward to breakfast actually gets me up in the morning ~ oh the thrills of “adulting” ~. Create something you’ll love so that you will want to get up in the morning and it will give you an uplifting start to the day. I usually prepare overnight oats, a yogurt parfait, or avocado toast the night before so that I can grab it and go the next morning. If you’d like me to make a separate post about quick breakfast recipes, let me know! I’d be happy to make one for you πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading to the end! I hope you guys found this helpful in some way. Be sure to spread the tips. Send them to your friends, your family, whomever you think would find this helpful too! Have a wonderful school year everyone! β™‘


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