Olive Juice

Hi lovelies! How are you all? Sorry for not posting earlier this week, I was in Yosemite with some of my cousins. It was my first time and let me tell you guys, it was breathtaking! If you haven’t been to Yosemite, I highly recommend it. It was probably the best hike of my life! Two days was definitely not enough, although my legs are insanely sore…I’ve been waddling all week! I hope I get to go back soon though. I believe the trail we hiked was called the ‘Mist Trail’. The trail was mostly uphill, leading up to a waterfall where most people rested and enjoyed the scenery. I was literally dying half way up the trail (good thing I had my inhaler with me), I thought I wasn’t going to make it but after several long hours of pushing myself, we reached the top where there was a beautiful view that looked down at the waterfall and the glorious mountains, and a small creek where people swam and rested – it was so worth it  ♡. We soaked our sore feet there for a while. I would definitely go back to that trail next time too.

Anyway, you may have noticed, but I did cut my hair shorter! It probably won’t be permanent but for now it’s fun! For this look I styled one of my favorite summer pieces. Along with off the shoulder tops, I’ve been obsessed with shirt dresses! They’re great for summer because you don’t have to think twice about shirt dresses, you can just throw it on and be done! This time, I paired this olive button up dress with some simple heels to style it up a little more but in the past I have also paired it with ankle boots, as well as converse. Not only are they super simple, but shirt dresses are airy which is important to me during hot summer days, and, they hide your food baby – I’m all for that! What are some of your go-to summer pieces? 

*Outfit details are listed at the bottom*Of course, my sister and I stopped by my favorite little ice cream shop in Petaluma, Lala’s Creamery. If you ever pass by, you have to try it! They also have dairy-free and vegan ice cream too. I didn’t get a snap of my ice cream because we basically devoured it, but we got white chocolate and raspberry sorbet + earl grey tea & honey. So yummy! ♡Details – Olive button-up dress: Cotton On | Lacey shorts: SheInside |Backpack: Forever 21 | Wood watch: Jord | Sunnies: Ray Ban


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