Summer Cleanse

Hello lovelies! Happy August! I hope you’ve had an eventful summer so far. This summer I’ve been trying to add little things to change up routine so that it doesn’t just consist of work and sleep. Most people plan big trips or go on summer vacation, but if you can’t go on a trip to unwind refresh – you can still get the summer feels by adding new things to your regular routine. Here are 5 things I’ve added to my summer routine.

*outfit details at the bottom*

  1. Add summery pieces to your wardrobe! You don’t have to flip your closet upside down, just add a new piece here and there and you’ll definitely feel refreshed and new again. My favorite for summer are off-the-shoulder tops. This one is from Brandy Melville.
  2. Eat summery foods! I don’t know if this necessarily counts as “summer foods” but I’ve been obsessed with cucumber and salmon toast and cherry tomatoes on the side. I make my toast with dark rye bread, a spread of vegan cream cheese, a drizzle of lemon, a sprinkle of salt and pepper and some spices on top for a kick! It’s so good and doesn’t give me a food coma after lunch!
  3. Summer cleaning! Spring cleaning? Sorry, I’m late. I don’t have mass seasonal cleaning set date, but every so often when I have nothing planned (or when I’m procrastinating) I like to clean….EVERYTHING. Often times we get so caught up in work, or school, and forget to cleanse our surroundings.  But it feels so good after. You may even find things you never know you had! And that in itself gives you a new ~refurbished~ feeling.
  4. Take it outside! I’ve been trying to spend more of my free time outside (I say as I’m typing this sitting in my room lol). On Sundays, my boyfriend and I have been either at the Presidio picnic: an event that happens in SF every Sunday where local food/drink vendors gather and people sit out on the lawn and grub, or hiking somewhere. We really like Lands End and Fort Funston right now, but I really want to find more places to hike. I finally bought myself a pair of hiking shoes so I will definitely be going to more places this month! During the week, I’ve been trying to walk outside more since I have a pretty sedentary job. I work by Pier 39 and it’s summer, it only makes sense to go outside more and enjoy SF while the weather is still warm.
  5. Change your skincare! Now, I bet not enough of you guys do this, but it’s so important to change your skin care up every now and then. Not only is it fun, but your skin changes just as the seasons do, so what you use in the winter, will not cut it in the summer! If you have attachment issues with certain products, like my cleanser and I, at least change your moisturizer, serum, or masks! I like to take it easy on the night cream and serums during the summer and switch off between all the ones I have. I don’t really have a set routine, but I do have a small collection of products that I will switch of from. My main steps are removing my make up, cleansing, applying essence and eye cream. Everything after really just depends on how my skin is feeling. I find that listening to my skin and see how it’s feeling is the best way (Lush has taught me so much about understanding my skin and being better about keeping it happy).

What have you been up to this summer? Let me know down in the comments! (✿◠‿◠)

Details: Off-the-shoulder top: Brandy Melville ‘Beccah-top’ | High-waisted shorts: Cotton On | Accessories: Etsy, FitBit


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