March Skin Care Favorites ♡

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Hello lovelies! Hope March has treated you well. I’m very excited to show you some of my new skin care favorites of this month.

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So as you may know, I love Belif products. This month, I got another pot of their Aqua Bomb moisturizer and I tried one of their cleansers. This is the Crystal Cleansing foam wash for oily skin. This is the first cleanser from them that I have tried and I’ve really enjoyed it this month. I was worried that it was going to dry out my skin and cause it to feel tight after cleanses as a lot of gel-cleansers do, but this one does not. It feels fresh and clean afterwards. I believe that it has also helped calm the redness I typically get after cleansing. A dime-size is all you need because it foams up really well! If any of you follow a Korean skin care routine, it is important to go in with a foam cleanser as your second step to wash away impurities (step one includes your oil-based cleanser to loosen and remove make-up prior to the foam cleansing step) and then go in with toner, essence and the rest of your regime.

I have been trying out different things to expand my skin care night time routine which is inspired by the 10-12 step Korean skin care routine, but I’m not quite at the 10-12 steps just yet. I’ve gotten down about 5-7 steps in my routine so far. In general, I understand that this may seem quite lengthy for some, but I believe that in researching about Korean skin care routines, it has really helped the texture, suppleness of and overall appearance of my skin. I try to stay minimal and listen to what my skin needs on a day-to-day basis. If you’d like a blog post about what a Korean skin care regime generally looks like, please leave me a comment! I’d be happy to go more in depth about it.

This essence was a completely new find for me. I have been using the Tony Moly Intense Care Galatomyces First Essence for almost a year now but when I came across this May Coop Raw Sauce at Sephora, I fell in love with the packaging and bought it out of impulse. I remember clearly waiting in line as it caught my attention. I quickly looked up reviews and saw that it was a 4.5 on Peach and Lily, so I snagged it right as a register opened up for me.  When I applied it in the car to see the texture, it was a little more gel-like so I was worried that it would be too heavy, but to my pleasant surprise it sinks right in. No residue what so ever. In fact, the Tony Moly Intense Care is a thinner texture but leaves light residue in comparison to this one. I find that I need to go in with a night moisturizer every other day to keep my skin looking supple.

I’ve also been reading up about its ingredients, it’s a botanical based essence, and I remember reading on Lauren Conrad’s blog that for oily skin people, botanical-based skin care is the best choice. So that was definitely a plus for me, especially having it be such a spontaneous purchase!

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Overall, I’ve been able to add and subtract products into my night time skin care routine this month to transition my skin from winter to spring. (✿◠‿◠) It has been fun and I’ve really enjoyed my new discoveries. What are some of your favorite skin care products at the moment? Leave me a comment down below on what you enjoyed and/or what I should try next!

Thank you so much for reading.  ♡



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