Belif – True Cream Aqua Bomb Review

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Hey lovelies! Today, I wanted to do a quick review on a product I love but don’t hear people talking about enough. I’ve been all about my Neutrogena Hydroboost moisturizer until I came across this one at the checkout station in Sephora one day. First, a little background on my skin. I have redness/acne prone skin with a very oily T-zone and can occasionally get flaky spots around my breakouts. For my complicated skin type, I find that water based moisturizers (gel) work best. If you have similar problems with your skin,  you might want to try a gel based moisturizer too!

Belif’s True Cream Aqua Bomb claims to be an “ultra-lightweight, mineral, oil-free, gel-cream that instantly cools and hydrates skin while providing intensive hydration”. The brand Belif claims that it uses medical herbs as the main ingredients for its products. The Aqua Bomb contains ingredients such as, Lady’s mantle to feed the skin with antioxidants and give it pore minimizing benefits, malachite to provide antioxidants that neutralize free radical activity, plantin and oak husk to attract and retain moisture while controlling excess sebum. The brand itself claims that it uses medical herbs as the main ingredients for its products.

After just about finishing my first jar, I can’t say that it has minimized my pores…but that’s physically impossible. What I can say, though, is that it does help soothe my skin. It literally feels like water when I apply it. My skin drinks it up! It makes my skin feel nourished and hydrated, without it feeling greasy like other thick face creams. I find that it also helps with my redness as well as any irritation/inflamed area on my skin because of its cooling affect. It makes my skin feel super soft, bouncy, and supple. I really like trying all sorts of lightweight moisturizers, but I know I will be repurchasing this one again in the future.

Rating: 5/5

(Packaging: 5/5, texture: 5/5, effectiveness: 5/5)

For those with dryer skin, fear not! – Belif knows that everyones skin is different, so if you have dryer skin, Belif also provides a slightly thicker True Cream called Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb. It’s still waterbased, but claims to keep skin supple and hydrated for 26 hours! Wow!

Have you tried any Belif products? If so, which ones? How did you like them? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! (✿◠‿◠)


2 thoughts on “Belif – True Cream Aqua Bomb Review

  1. I haven’t tried the moisturizer yet, but I’ve tried the eye cream! It’s one of my favorites this year! I was surprised to see this brand on your blog because I usually don’t see people doing reviews on these products. I might have to check out this one, thanks!! 🙂


    • I wanted to review it because I don’t hear enough people talking about it haha, it’s so lovely! I’ve heard great things about their eye cream too. I think I will try it after I use up my Skinfood one. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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